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Anna Fidler
Anna Fidler


Hi I'm looking for 'age appropriate' learning apps for my tutor group that consists of 6 young adults 19/20yrs that have the cognitive age of anything in between 3 and 12yrs. 

The management team in my college has changed recently and we have all jumped on to the 'age appropriateness' bus again. My personal feelings go against it but this is something I have to implement. 

My dilemma is my students all like to play childrens bright, singing dancing apps as well as watch thomas etc on youtube. Standard fayre for many on the spectrum in my experience, regardless of age. 

I'm trying to find apps that visually are age appropriate but the content is at an age 4 ish level. First phonics, numbers, counting etc. The only ones I have managed to find are really boring and wouldn't engage them at all. They have no game element to them. 

Has anyone used any or come across any that would be of use? Also ones that teach social skills and rules etc but again is age appropriate?

Many thanks in advance if you can help!

March 20, 2017 - 12:52pm

Hi Anna,

Someone will hopefully recommend some specific apps for you, but I also wanted to let you know that we have an iPad and Autism group that you may be interested in joining. You could take a look through some of the posts on there and post your own enquiry too:

The Development Autism Research Technology group at The University of Edinburgh/The Patrick Wild Centre have a really useful app wheel you could take a look at:

Many thanks,


Anna Fidler

April 21, 2017 - 12:21pm

Hi I'm hoping posting here will 'bump' my post. I'm wondering what peoples thoughts are on the need for using only 'chronically' age appropriate apps with a view to a looming ofsted inspection. Has anyone had any ofsted feedback about things not being age appropriate? Are they really as concerned by it as people think? Thanks,