The effectiveness of social stories - MA Education Research

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Norah Ann Jones
Norah Ann Jones


Hi everyone, a brief introduction about myself. 

My name is Norah Jones, and I'm currently studying a masters in education: special educational needs. As part of the masters, we are required to do practical research about a particular topic. I chose a topic close to my heart: autism, with a focus particularly on the effectiveness of social stories. My sister is autistic with complex multiple learning difficulties. She can't talk but uses body language to communicate as my sister has also brain damage. 

I am looking for any teachers or any other professional with an educational background that has at some point, initiated a social story. My research involves an interview/questionnaire to be filled out that asks questions such as purpose, what behaviour was being focused on and why, what are the common pitfalls that other professionals should be aware of and whether you would recommend it (rough idea). 

I'm looking for at least the minimum of five participants. I know time is precious, but if you do have experience at all or even observed it being carried, I'd be extremely grateful to hear from you. If you wish, I could when the dissertation is complete to send you a copy of the final product. All I ask is a little bit of your time. 

Warmest regards


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