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Kate Newrick


I wanted to let you know about KeyRing’s new e-Helpline for people with Learning Disabilities or Autistic Spectrum Conditions in the Criminal Justice System. 

The e-Helpline is for everyone, including criminal justice staff, families, friends or support staff and people with learning disabilities.

We have posted some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on our website: 

We also provide a link to enable people to send questions to us online:

Your question might be about: how the Criminal Justice System works, accessible communication (Easy Read), getting support, reasonable adjustments, people's rights, or anything else about having a Learning Disability or Autistic Spectrum Conditions in the Criminal Justice System.

If you have a question, but you cannot fill out the survey form, please send an email to with a name and telephone number. We will call you so you can explain your question.

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May 25, 2017 - 12:23pm

Thanks for sharing that Kate, it's really useful to know about the e-helpline. We'll do a tweet to publicise it too.

One of the other links in your first post wasn't working so I've amended it.

Many thanks,