Research and new publication updates

Read the latest updates on autism research and new autism publications, shared from the NAS information update service.

The articles in the updates are sourced from the NAS's Autism Data service. Autism Data is the only database of published material on all aspects of autism and is free to access at It contains a list of over 24,000 publications related to autism including research articles, books, leaflets, videos and other materials.

Updates are added twice monthly on a Monday. In each update 5 topic areas are covered and the topics are rotated over the course of a month. The topic areas are: 

  • 1st monthly update: Crime; Employment; Life stages; Mental health; Play ; Behaviour; Non-medical therapies; Sensory; Social skills;
  • 2nd monthly update: Transition; Child protection; Co-occurrence; Impact on the family/ partners; Sexuality; Aetiology; Diagnosis; Drugs; Education; Vaccines; Adult services

The latest updates are available by clicking on the relevant topic area below:

1st monthly update 2nd monthly update
Crime Aetiology
Employment Diagnosis
Life stages Drugs
Mental health Education
Play Vaccines
Behaviour Adult services
Non medical therapies Transition
Sensory Child protection
Social skills Co-occurrence
Sexuality Impact on the family/partners


N.B. There may not always be updates for each topic area.

Details of how to access the full articles/ full publication are given for each item in each update. All articles should be available on request from your local library and some may be available for free online. Others can be accessed from the NAS at a charge of £3.

Read the full archive of the publications and research updates since the launch of Network Autism.







Updated: March 2017