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28 Apr 2017

The National Autistic Society has released the latest version of their guide for police officers and staff. This guide provides background information about autism and aims to help all police officers and staff who may come into contact with autistic children or adults meet their responsibilities...

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen autism webchat Network Autism
27 Apr 2017

We were delighted to welcome Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, world renowned developmental psychologist, author and researcher, to our Network Autism webchat yesterday. This exclusive webchat, sponsore...

Scottish flag, autism Glasgow
27 Apr 2017

More than 20 organisations have met for a workshop in partnership with Autism Network Scotland and the Autism Resource Centre to look at ways to improve autistic people and their families' experien...

Person in handcuffs, Criminal Justice, Autism and prison, Autism, autism news, network autism, autism accreditation and prison
25 Apr 2017

The Thinking Person's Guide To Autism yesterday published an interview with Clar...

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, autism news, network autism, autism, autistic, autism webchat
24 Apr 2017

We are extremely pleased to be hosting the second in our series of 4 webchats with leading autism experts from around the world thanks to the generous support of our sponsors...


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