houses of common, draft bill to DoLS, autism news
14 Mar 2017

The Law Commission yesterday published its draft Bill to amend Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS): the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill alongside a report summarising its consulta...

Lana Grant, autism, motherhood, puberty, women, girls
13 Mar 2017

BBC Radio Ouch features a podcast with an autistic adult, Lana Grant, in which she discusses a range of issue...

Pupil and teacher sitting in classroom
09 Mar 2017

A Glasgow support worker was told to watch the television sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” as a guide for learning about students with Asperger syndrome, MSPs were told. ...

Synaesthesia sensoryautism
08 Mar 2017

Concrete links between the symptoms of autism and synaesthesia have been found and clarified by scientists, reports...

brain autism research
07 Mar 2017

The University of Edinburgh has received £20m from the Simons Foundation to study the biological mechanisms of brain d...


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