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05 Dec 2017

Here’s a roundup of new content we added in November.

Using Lego therapy with autistic pupils


mental health, school, England, green paper, children, young people
04 Dec 2017

The BBC reports on plans by the Government to improve mental health services in schools in England. The gree...

Houses of Parliament, Autism and mental health, autism, autistic, network autism, autism news
01 Dec 2017

Dr Lisa Cameron MP, led a debate in the Commons yesterday on autism and mental health where she called on the Government to ensure that the NICE-recommended indicator for autism in GP registers is...

UK Parliament, autism, Network Autism, National Autistic Society, suicide, mental health
30 Nov 2017

Dr Lisa Cameron MP,  will lead a debate in the Commons today on autism and mental health, the ...

Child in classroom, autism, autistic, autism and education, network autism, the national autistic society
29 Nov 2017
The education system is still failing to meet the needs of autistic children according to a new...


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