autism, women, girls, virtual reality, parties, communication, sensory issues
09 Oct 2017

The Guardian have produced a virtual reality film which explores how an autistic teenager copes with being at a busy birthday party. The film shows...

Man using laptop, executive functioning, autism, autistic, autism news, network autism
06 Oct 2017

The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism have published an article giving a personal in...

Network Autism, education, autism, architecture, yoga, exclusions, transport, ageing, mindfulness
05 Oct 2017

Our main theme in September was education. Here’s a roundup of new content we added last month.


Child and teacher, Death, autistic children, network autism,
04 Oct 2017

Thinking Person's Guide to Autism carried out a survey asking autistic adults about death and dying. The results are published...

Teacher and pupil, communication, autism, Network Autism, Word of Mouth
03 Oct 2017

Today's BBC Radio 4 Word of Mouth will be looking at autism and communication.  Michael Rosen interviews Alis...

02 Oct 2017

The Network Autism team attended the National Autistic Society's Autism and Complex Needs Conference on the 26 September 2017 where we live tweeted from presentations at the event. The presentation...


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