Wales, autism, law, Bill, consultation, The National Autistic Society
26 Feb 2018

The National Assembly for Wales have published a draft Autism (Wales) Bill, reports the National Autistic Society. In 2015 the National Autistic Society surveyed autist...

Theatre, autism-friendly performance, autism, autistic, network autism, autism news, autism harry potter
23 Feb 2018

iNews report on the introduction of autism-friendly performa...

Man holding hand over face, depression, autism, diagnosis, Network Autism, Dr Sarah Cassidy
21 Feb 2018

Researchers from the University of Nottingham's School of Psychology have found that there are no validated tools to assess depression in autistic adults reports...

employment, communication, social interaction, double empathy, autism, workplace
20 Feb 2018

Employers may discriminate against autistic employees by using neurotypical standards of social interaction, ...

autism, blood test, urine test, Molecular Autism, research, Autistica, diagnosis
19 Feb 2018

The BBC reports on a study which suggests that it may be possible to develop a blood and urine test to diagnose autism...


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