Sarah Wild, Autism and education, autistic girls, limpsfield grange, network autism, twitter Q&A autism
24 Jan 2018

We were delighted to welcome Sarah Wild, Headteacher from Limpsfield Grange School, to our education twitter Q&A yesterday. The Q&A focused on autism, education and girls and Sarah shared her expertise and exper...

Employment, Westminster AchieveAbility Commission, Network Autism, National Autistic Society, autism, neurodivergent
24 Jan 2018

The Westminster AchieveAbility Commission (WAC) has published a report on systematic barriers to employment for neurodivergent people (ie. dyslexic, dyspraxic, autistic and/or with attention defici...

Personal Independence Payment, PIP, court, National Autistic Society, autism
23 Jan 2018

The National Autistic Society reports on the court ruling that Government chang...

Edinburgh Airport, Autism Friendly Award, Network Autism, National Autistic Society, Autism
17 Jan 2018

Edinburgh Airport has become the first airport in Scotland to receive the Autism Friendly Award...

autism, bilingual, research, Child Development, cognitive flexibility, executive functioning
16 Jan 2018

A recent Canadian study suggests that being bilingual may improve cognitive flexibility in autistic people, ...


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