Robots, social care, autism, Network Autism
26 Oct 2017

Southend Borough Council has become the first in the UK to introduce a robot as part of its social care team, SWNS reports. Pepper commun...

Man holding head in hands, mental health and autism, Network Autism, Autistica
25 Oct 2017

Researchers from Birmingham are launching a major new UK...

Employment, autism, London, Network Autism, Bridge to Work
24 Oct 2017

The City of London Corporation's City Bridge Trust has launched Bridge to Work, a programme which aims to support di...

autism, schools, teachers, myths, gender, TES, pupils, high functioning
19 Oct 2017

A special educational needs and disabilities coordinator (SENDCO) discusses ...

Chris Packham, Aspergers and me, autism, autistic, autism news, network autism
18 Oct 2017

In the documentary, Chris Packham, Aspergers and Me broadcast yesterday...


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