BBC Ouch, autism, Jamie and Lion, Jamie Knight, Robyn Steward, sensory sensitivities, stimming, eye contact
17 Oct 2017

BBC Ouch features a podcast by Robyn Steward and Jamie Knight in which they answer questions about their experiences as autistic adults. Robyn and Jamie explore why some autistic people prefer not to use eye c...

Twitter icons, storify, PDA, autism, PDA conference, network autism, autism news
13 Oct 2017

The Network Autism team attended the National Autistic Society's PDA Conference on the 12 October 2017 where we live tweeted from the event. There were various presentations from leading profession...

Sleep, melatonin, autistic children, autism, Network Autism
12 Oct 2017

A study found prolonged-release melatonin (PedPRM) to be safe and effective for autistic children who have insomnia that does not respond to behavioural intervention,...

woman with face in hands, anxiety, autism, network autism
11 Oct 2017

Scientific American features an article on the relationship between autism and...


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