Autism Hour, The National Autistic Society, autism-friendly, shopping
03 Aug 2017

The National Autistic Society (NAS) are asking shops and businesses to organise an Autism Hour and take steps to create an autism-friendly environment. On the 2nd October the NAS a...

02 Aug 2017

GPs are being encouraged to keep a register of autistic patients, the BBC reports. The National Institute fo...

Gender, autism, Network Autism, gender dysphoria, women and girls
01 Aug 2017

During August, we will be highlighting articles and interviews we have published on the theme of autism and gender. The articles cover issues such as diagnosis of women and girls, gender identity,...

Mental health, funding, England, health
31 Jul 2017

The BBC reports that the NHS in England will be recruiting thousands more mental health workers over the nex...

Man covering his face with his hand, Network Autism, pain, autism
27 Jul 2017

A study has found that when autistic people anticipate pain, their brain shows more response that those of non-autistic people,...


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