Network Autism is a community specifically set up for professionals working with autistic individuals. The site aims to improve professional practice through collaborative working and sharing of information and knowledge. We want to build a friendly, safe and engaging community for all and in order to make sure we can do this we have put together guidelines for you all to follow. These guidelines are also underpinned by the terms and conditions. If you have any suggestions or comments on these guidelines please let us know via:


Language – We would expect everyone to conduct themselves in a professional manner in keeping with the professional status of this community. The use of swearing and offensive language will be edited and removed from Network Autism. Each situation will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Advertising and promotion – We encourage appropriate professional engagement, i.e. sharing of details, professional advice, recommendations and professional networking. However, we understand that promotion and advertising may well be part of your professional interest in Network Autism. With this in mind we have set up two discussion forums to accommodate this on the website, 'Upcoming events' and 'Notices'. This is the sole place for advertising on Network Autism and we would ask that you limit advertising to these sections of the site. Specific and overt use of the site for advertising, outside of these advertising discussion forums, will be challenged and posts maybe migrated to these forums or removed completely. 

Sharing contact details – Networking and sharing of contact details is important for successful engagement in Network Autism. Please only share your contact details where you feel appropriate, any sharing of your contact details is your sole choice and responsibility.

Dangerous therapies and approaches – We encourage open debate on all therapies and approaches that are in the interest of professionals and people on the autism spectrum. Open promotion of dangerous or harmful therapies/approaches will be challenged and edited. Dangerous or harmful approaches will be informed by evidence from Research Autism –  

Abuse – For the safe and enjoyable use of Network Autism, posts that are flagged as being offensive will be removed and edited from the site. Situations will be reviewed on a case by case manner and may result in permanent exclusion.

Content – Content must not infringe any copyright, registered trade marks, rights of privacy, rights of confidentiality, publicity or other intellectual property, or other rights of any other person or organisation. Any content of this nature will be flagged and edited and persistent use of this type of content may result in permanent exclusion from Network Autism. Content added to Network Autism within groups, discussions or comments by Network Autism members are not endorsed or reflective of the Network Autism team or the National Autistic Society.

Moderation – Network Autism Moderators will offer support and guidance to users of Network Autism as well as flag up, remove or edit inappropriate content.


Guide for non professionals

Network Autism is a community specifically set up for professionals working with autistic individuals. If you are a non professional then you may well find that this community doesn’t meet your specific needs and isn’t the appropriate community for you. There are a number of other online communities that you may well want to explore that better fit your specific needs. Please see below for a list of alternative communities aimed at parents, carers and autistic peopleand not specifically or singly at professionals in the autism sector:

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