Share your work on Network Autism

Network Autism is about sharing information, ideas and resources. Here you can find out about how to share your work via Network Autism.

Why share work?

Network Autism provides an opportunity for professionals working in the field of autism to share their ideas, resources, opinions and knowledge. For Network Autism to be as useful as possible, it relies on you, the members, to submit content to share with others. Sharing content will help everyone keep up to date with the latest thinking, it will inspire colleagues to try out new ideas and to work in new ways and it will avoid you having to "reinvent the wheel". The more that members share on Network Autism, the more useful information, insight, and resources will be available to you all to make use of. 

Please share your work on Network Autism and make this website the place to discover and discuss the latest information about autism.

What information can I share? 

You can share any information you think would be useful to other professionals working in autism. This may include the following:

  • Case studies
  • Research summaries 
  • Opinion articles
  • Insight from autistic people
  • Policy and guidance information
  • Useful resources
  • Videos/ audio files
  • Conference presentations

You must submit the content to the Network Autism Manager for approval, but really, any work or information that is of professional interest would be welcomed.

How will the information be used?

Once your content has been approved by the Network Autism Manager, it will be uploaded to Network Autism for all members to access. Members of Network Autism will be able to access the content freely and without restriction, but will be obliged to acknowledge the author of the content when reproducing the work.

Content contributors will have to accept these Terms and Conditions for content submission. You can read more about the Terms and Conditions of Network Autism here.

How do I submit content for inclusion on Network Autism?

  1. First, read the Terms and Conditions for content submission to ensure you are happy to share your work in the ways described.
  2. Fill in the Content Contributor form and email it to the Network Autism Manager at this email address:
  3. The Network Autism team will decide whether or not to approve your content for addition to Network Autism. This will be done within 2 weeks of submission
  4. The Network Autism Manager will contact you to tell you if your content has been approved for submission. If it has, it will be added to Network Autism within 2 weeks of the decision.