Autism Professionals Conference 2018

The National Autistic Society’s Autism Professionals Conference takes place in Harrogate on the 7/8 March and features a number of key topics such as:

  • recognising and treating anxiety
  • employment for autistic adults
  • eating disorders in autistic women
  • autism and epilepsy
  • coping with bullying.

The conference features over 40 speakers including Dame Christine Lenehan, Owen and Cornelia Suskind from the Oscar -nominated film ‘Life, Animated’, and Michelle Garcia Winner, founder of Social Thinking(R). Attendees will learn practical strategies for adapting their practice and improving how they deliver support, as well as meeting and networking with other professionals and experts in the field.

The new National Autistic Society women and girls online training module will also be launched at the conference. The module will support diagnosticians to better understand autistic female characteristics and therefore enhance confidence to diagnose those individuals successfully and delegates will be amongst the first to preview and access it. Delegates will also get the opportunity to attend the Autism Professionals Awards ceremony.

See the full programme of topics and speakers and find out how to book.

Date added: 30 January 2018


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