Autism Act: 10 years on

The Autism Act in England became law in November 2009. The Act says that there has to be a Government strategy for improving services for autistic adults, underpinned by legally binding guidance to councils. In 2019, the Government is reviewing the autism strategy again. We at the National Autistic Society are going to work with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism (a cross-party group of MPs and Lords) to find out:

  • What has worked well?
  • What hasn’t worked?
  • What needs to change?

We’ll submit our evidence and make recommendations on what we think needs to change. And we will campaign hard to make that evidence heard. we won’t be able to improve the strategy and statutory guidance without your help again. Please take our survey and tell us about your experiences of autism services and support.

Date added: 31 January 2019