More autistic people now qualify for Blue Badge scheme

The National Autistic Society have reported on news that the Government has now changed the Blue Badge permit rules in England, meaning that more autistic people can now qualify. The existing rules focused on people’s physical ability to walk, but the new rules include two new ways autistic people can qualify:

  • if you can’t undertake a journey without being at risk of serious harm, it causing “very considerable psychological distress”, or if you have very considerable difficulty when walking
  • if you receive PIP Mobility Component for “planning and making a journey” and score at least ten points.

Jane Harris, Director of External Affairs at the National Autistic Society says:

The possibility of not being able to find a parking space near where you’re going can mean you can’t contemplate leaving the house at all. A Blue Badge will be a lifeline and prevent a life of isolation.

Date added: 30 July 2018


Sun, 23/12/2018 - 13:36

I am confusd around the fact that the Government has decided to exclude those who gained 12 points on PIP Mobility. They are saying that if you are unable to plan or follow a journey alone then the fact that you have someone with you negates the potential risks such as harm to self or psychological distress, and therefore you do not qualify for a blue badge (BB) under the new criteria being brought in. However, if you scored 10 points you are automatically eligible for a BB.

My son is 20 and if I were to leave him to make a journey on his own then he would present a significant risk of harm to self and others, experience sensory overload and therefore psychological stress. As a result he doesn't go out alone and always has someone with him to keep him safe. Therefore no Blue Badge under the new proposals as its seen to be on benefit to the carer and not the individual. Caught in a Catch 22. How can this be right?