Chris Bonnello Twitter Q&A: autism and education

We are delighted to announce our next education-focused Twitter Q&A will be with the amazing Chris Bonnello on Wednesday 17 July at 5-6pm BST, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Axcis Education.

Chris is an autistic special needs tutor and formerly a primary school teacher. Since 2015 he has become a national and international speaker on autism issues and the award-winning writer behind

We will host the discussion on our @networkautism account between 5-6pm BST on 17 July. The discussion will look to give advice and support to professionals helping to support autistic children and young people within education but we welcome wider autism questions for Chris as well. You can follow and take part in the discussion by using the hashtag #autismedchat. You can also tweet questions in advance using the hashtag #autismedchat or send them to

This a great opportunity for you to gain some valuable insights from Chris's wealth of personal and professional experience and for you to ask Chris your autism questions!

Date added: 12 July 2019


Sat, 13/07/2019 - 16:59

My main concern is how to get my son's team to understand my son. How to see how he functions through the lens of Autism. Not try to condition him and mold him to be like a Neurotypical person, but like any child use his strengths and give him tools for his difficulties and deficits to succeed in HIS way. They are trying to pound my square peg son into their round hole. The other Q: how can I help them better understand SPD (to an unknowing/uneducated person it is an invisible monster): so many of his maladaptive behaviors are Sensory based-i.e. he fidgets NOT because of ADHD, but from Sensory Overload. I get frustrated how his teachers brush it off as Hyperactivity and not having the ability to sit still rather than environmental factors, because depending on the antecedant for the fidgeting there may be 2 very different strategies to help calm. Not using the proper tool will be completly ineffective. Looking forward to the discussion. Thank you. Annemarie Bennick