Government launches Inclusive Transport Strategy

The Government has today announced the launch of the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Inclusive Transport Strategy which it says “will improve accessibility across all types of travel for those with both visible and less visible disabilities.”

The Government’s Inclusive Transport Strategy includes:

  • a passenger awareness campaign and accreditation scheme for transport providers
  • investment in rail accessibility infrastructure
  • commitments to produce league tables which highlight operators that are delivering the best service for disabled people
  • funding for Changing Places accessible toilets at motorway service stations.

The Government will put up to £300 million of funding into extending the Access for All programme, making railway stations more accessible.

The National Autistic Society highlighted the difficulties many autistic people face when trying to access public transport in our Too Much Information campaign and called on the government to recognise these barriers to public transport. 

Mark Lever, Chief Executive of the National Autistic Society, said:

"The strategy launched today is a step forward, particularly the passenger awareness campaign and accreditation scheme for transport providers. We now need to make sure these measures aimed at all disabled people, fully reflect the experiences and needs of autistic people and their families.

Find out further details via the National Autistic Society website

Date added: 25 July 2018