Not Enough: campaign for better support for autistic people in England

Today, the National Autistic Society are launching Not Enough, our campaign to demand better support and services for autistic people in England. Ten years on from the Autism Act and government has not done enough to live up to its promises to autistic people and their families.

Our campaign is based on the findings of an inquiry, published today, by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism (APPGA) and the National Autistic Society into the impact of the Autism Act, 10 years after its introduction.

A survey of around 11,000 autistic adults and their families in England and evidence sessions in Parliament found that there is simply not enough care, support and understanding in our society for autistic people.

This is having devastating consequences for autistic people: widespread isolation, mental health problems and people falling into crisis.

Date added: 9 September 2019


Tue, 10/09/2019 - 21:53

Hi there,
As a young person on the Autism Spectrum, I find it's incredibly hard to get access to services where I can go to get help as and when I need it, and also there is not enough places for young people like me to go to on a week day evening to hang around in to meet new people, I feel the council or the government should do something about this.