Rise in number of autistic people in mental health hospitals

A new National Autistic Society report discusses autistic people being left behind in mental health hospitals - often miles away from their friends and family and subject to unnecessary seclusion, restraint and overmedication. We analysed both publicly available and unpublished NHS England data and found an alarming increase in the number of autistic people reported in mental health hospitals.

Our analysis of the unpublished NHS data shows a 24% rise in the number of autistic people without a learning disability reported in these hospitals since 2015 (up from 440 to 545) – and a 7% increase in all reported autistic people (up from 1,100 to 1,180). This is despite NHS England promising in 2015 to reduce reliance on inpatient settings with its Transforming Care programme, which is set to end in a few months.  

Date added: 6 December 2018