Top ten articles from the last year

During August we will be counting down our top ten most popular articles from the last year. We will be highlighting these on the homepage of the site and also on Twitter. We’ve started the top ten today with a really insightful article about catatonia in autistic people at number 10, written by Dr Amitta Shah.

We will be keeping a record of all the articles in the top ten on this news page, updating each time we count down another article:

Top 10 articles of the year.

1. Why is occupational therapy important for autistic children - Corinna Laurie

2, Autism and alcohol - Sarah Hendrickx and Matthew Tinsley

3. Supporting autistic people with eating difficulties - Dr Elizabeth Shea

4. What is Pathological Demand Avoidance? An adult's perspective - Julia Daunt

5. Autism, relationships and marriage - Nicholas Marshall

6. Autism and controlled eating - Lucy Skye

7. Autism and toileting - Lorraine MacAlister

8. The double empathy problem - Damian Milton

9. Autistic women, pregnancy and motherhood - Lana Grant

10. Catatonia and catatonia-type breakdown in autism - Dr Amitta Shah

Date updated: 16 August 2019