Westminster Commission on Autism reports on harmful interventions

The Westminster Commission on Autism has looked at the issue of fake cures/therapies for autism and has published the findings in a short report: "A Spectrum of Harmful Interventions for Autism"
The Commission is a group of parliamentarians, autistic people, parents/carers, charities, academics and health professionals. Although the Commission was unable to establish the prevalence of the use of harmful interventions, it heard from autistic people that they or someone they knew had been offered harmful or unsubstantiated interventions. 
The Commission makes recommendations which include calling on the UK Government to bring together the different agencies with regulatory responsibility to:
  • identify any gaps in current regulation
  • reconsider the agencies’ remits to ensure they cover and can respond to all harmful interventions or treatments.
It also recommends that the UK Government investigates the benefits and drawbacks of introducing legislation, similar to the Cancer Act 1939.
Date added: 29 March 2018