adults with asd in relationships

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Hi I have been asked to look into roleplays for a man I support with autism. He struggles with the emotional responses expected of him when his partner needs attention or comfort. Any ideas or response cards etc would be help greatly. Many thanks

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Thank you for raising this.

First of all it is important that you have a good idea from the person you support and his partner what the particular difficulties are in their relationship.

The following books may be useful resources as a start which you can then create role plays around. The role plays will need to be tailored to the person you are working with to make sure they are appropriate and to hopefully make progress with relationship skills. Because the role plays need to be personalised to each individual’s needs, it is not possible to provide you with exact details of what to cover.

Attwood, T. (2007) The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.  See the chapter on Long-term relationships.

Slater-Walker, G. and C. (2002) An Asperger marriage. Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Although we are not aware of role plays for adults, this is a book with role plays for young people with autism so you may get ideas from there:

On the following online forum there is an article by a counsellor which suggests strategies for relationships where one person has autism or Asperger syndrome (AS) Hopefully you can create some role plays around these strategies, again tailored to your client’s needs.


Sometimes it can help couples to see a counsellor with experience in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Counsellors can do couples or individual counselling. The NAS Autism Helpline holds a small database of counsellors with experience in ASD.


We hope this is helpful for you.

Kind regards

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