Barriers to healthcare

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Patrick Sims has written a really interesting article exploring some of the barriers to health care experienced by autistic people. Patrick also offers some simple strategies that health care professionals can take with minimal cost, which would improve the experiences of autistic people.

Please do let us know you thoughts on the article. What strategies would you recommend to health professionals?




March 08, 2018 - 7:42pm

Very important to recognise that healthcare can be also compromised by the human factor when it comes to professionals also.

Having come across a significant amount of autistic women who have been given detrimental and unprofessional labelling and commentary on their health records or in communication between health professionals, this can have a very serious effect on all healthcare, not only mental health/ASD-related.

This happens through autism-ignorance, autistic traits being wrongly assumed to be mental-health issues and the stigma attached to such issues even among healthcare professionals.  It also happens through autism traits being viewed as an unlikable personality.  Autistics can unintentionally offend, be persistent in obtaining justice including correct diagnoses of health issues and this results in them being labelled (in a very discriminatory fashion) as vexatious complainants or being difficult patients.

We need to own up to this happening and the serious affect it can have on accessing healthcare.