Catatonia and autism

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We have published an article by Dr Amitta Shah in which she share her expertise of catatonia in autistic people. Catatonia is still under-recognised and little understood despite research showing that between 12-18% of autistic people may present with varying levels of catatonia. Have you come across catatonia in your work? Do you have any insight or resources that you could share? 


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February 24, 2017 - 11:53am

Autistica feature a short piece on their website written by the parent of an autistic adult with catatonia. 

It discusses the varying levels of catatonia that their daughter experiences and the factors that tend to worsen the condition, such as stress and anxiety. In particular they describe how the transition to adult services resulted in their daughter becoming catatonic for 4 days, during which time she needed help to eat, drink and sleep.