Diagnosing women and girls with autism

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Women and girls on the autism spectrum may be missed by professionals due to the differences in how autism presents in women and girls. In the Knowlege section, there's a fascinating talk on 'diagnosing women and girls' on the autism spectrum, given by Dr Judith Gould, Director of the Lorna Wing Centre for autism and expert in this area.

Have you had experience of diagnosing women and girls? What are the key issues to consider? How can we improve the current situation? Share your thoughts and ideas here!

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October 19, 2016 - 7:54am

I am glad things are moving this way. The reluctance to acknowledge autism and gender dysphoria as having a mental health aspect means professional and media are responding to it as a life style choice. Political correctness is gagging common sense and it is being responded to in the same way as homosexuality. From what I have experienced referral to GID  clinics makes the problem worse. I know of one case where a girl who presented in baggy clothes short hair and no make up due to her ASD traits, was told she 'passed very well as a boy' she is now convinced if she transitions she will be popular successful and happy. All on that one comment, now concrete in her head. Wider education of non conformity among females with ASpergers would help, again girls are invisible and the support they need absent.

November 03, 2016 - 9:22pm

to has been brought to my attention that it could be very useful for some people with a diagnosis of autism to access CBT to treat anxiety via an app, particulary in the first few sessions. Does any one know of a specific online CBT service for people who are exeperincing high levels of anxiety. I currently provide a modifed CBT approach with families and individuals under the age of 18.