Dissertation Questionnaire

Ellena England


Hello! I am a masters student undertaking a project is exploring whether tactile sensation can affect social skills. This is an invitation to take part in a research questionnaire.  

 Tactile sensory symptoms are common in the general population. However they can become more severe in certain people and have an impact on everyday social interactions. We are asking you to take part so that we can gain a better understanding of what tactile sensory problem people experience and how they impact everyday social interactions. 

I’d be very grateful if anyone would consider completing my questionnaire, that takes around 20 minutes to complete. Any persons aged over 18 is invited to take part in this survey. Taking part is entirely voluntary and any person’s taking part is free to withdraw at any point without a reason. Any data collected will be anonymised, kept confidentially and analysed in a group. 

Once all the data has been collected and analysed it will be written up for an MSC Clinical Psychology Dissertation. 

There are no anticipated risks from taking part in this study. Should you find any aspect of this questionnaire upsetting or distressing feel free to contact any members of the research team or withdraw. 

This study has received ethical approval from the university of Newcastle Ethics Committee.


Link to survey:

Thank you for your time!

Contact Details: 

MSC Student: Ellena England 


Supervisor: Tascha Clapperton



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