Help with healthy eating for adults

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ZoeC Dietitian


Hi, I’m Zoe, a dietitian and lecturer in Dietetics at Coventry University, and research officer for the British Dietetic Association Autism group. 

I want to set my students (trainee dietitians) a short project that can help adults with autism spectrum disorder/condition to eat better. 

I’ve noticed that for many adults on the spectrum who live independently, there are many barriers to eating a healthy diet. One of those is the challenge of planning and preparing healthy meals. Some find that at the end of a day at work it is too much effort to cook, follow a recipe, make decisions about what to have. 

The project: 

To help with this in a small way I plan to ask my students to design a week’s meals that are cheap, easy to prepare and cook, and meet the government healthy eating guidelines. I then want them to prepare easy to follow recipes both in a downloadable document and as videos. 

I would love some feedback from adult with autism on: 

- is this a good idea? If so why? If not why not? 

- what would make this a useful resource for you? What should be included? What shouldn’t be included? 

- would you be interested in the meal plan and recipes when they are finished? 

- does this already exist? Which meal plans and recipes do you already find useful (if any)