I have just been told my 16 year old son has autism

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Adam Levine


Im new to this. I’ve just been told my 16 year old son has autism, which I’ve suspected for many years but wasn’t sure but he’s now struggling at college and his new therapist has joined up all the dots. I’m feeling guilty I’ve not helped him sooner but also happy we might be able to help him at last.

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November 05, 2018 - 4:36pm

Hi Adam

Network Autism is mainly aimed at professionals working with autistic people so you may find the National Autistic Society online community more suitable.

There is lots of useful information on the National Autistic Society website and you might find it helpful to contact the Helpline for some specific guidance.

There is also a Transition Support Service for autistic young people aged 14+.

I hope this is helpful.