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Good afternoon,
At the kind suggestion of an advisor at the NAS, I wanted to post a request for recommendations of autism apps.  Our company assess health apps (our assessment was co-developed with the NHS) and we are developing a database of thoroughly assessed and tested health apps that will eventually be available to be socially prescribed by GPs direct to patients. We don't, as yet, have any apps to help with autism in our portal, so would really appreciate any suggestions.
With our thanks,

Jude Bliss
Our Mobile Health

August 10, 2017 - 12:05pm

Hi Jude

Thanks for your post.

There is a Network Autism group specifically for discussions about iPad and tablet apps. It was set up originally with an education-focus, but is now broader. You can join the group here and post your discussion.

It would be helpful to know the focus of the apps you are looking to review. Are they apps that provide post or pre-diagnostic information about autism to autistic people and/or their carers? Or apps that aim to help with difficulties autistic people may have, for example communication difficulties?