Problems with having Sex

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Mark Goddard


I was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Aspergers in March 2015. All through my life I have been bullied and  have a lot of problems being a passionate person. I married my wife in 2010 and I love her very much. Our sex life is non existent, my social skills are also none existent and I feel by getting the diagnosis it has made my life more difficult. I understand how difficult it is for my wife. I hope by posting this I can speak to other minded people like myself.

Thank you for listening.

May 08, 2019 - 1:06pm

Dear Mike,

Please go back to your doctor and speak to them about what NICE says the your management should be after an Autism Diagnosis.

Book a double appointment. In the assessment stage you should have given Support for your partner.

However the real issue is patient led.

Do you want to have sex?

Do you want to have sex with your wife?

Does your wife want to have sex with you?

Does your wife want to have sex?


Are you both happy without sex?


You should receive counselling for you. And for your wife. And for your marriage if you think you need it.

Lastly, It's not uncomment to suffer shock from diagnosis and this can affect your sexual performance and libido. Also, it not uncommon for both partners to have ASD.  see the AQ10 applies to your wife.

All the best.