Project ideas

ellen kapapula


i'm a A2 student at a college and i'm doing a design and technology project around autism; i know i'm not a professional in this field but i would really appreciate any help and support. my deisgn breif for this project is "to create a toy that that incorporates play and sensory therapy but can also be used for fun" ​, my reasoning behind this breif is because i think thre isn't a variety of toy out there for children that are undersensitive to the following senses:

  • visual
  • auditory
  • touch
  • proprioception

I hoped to incorporate play therapy into this, because when i got the design brief what i envisioned of making was a doll house that had rooms with separate sensory things going on for example one rom would have fibre optics and another different textures, however i didn't want to overload it. i know every child is different but since i know no one with autism i just figured i'd make soemthing that can be used generally by a couple of people and not a specfic group, if that makes sense.

thank you for taking the time to read this, i'd really appreciate any help and advice.