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Molly Haigh


Hello, I am currently working on an A level design project. I am designing and making sensory clothing aimed at children on the autistic spectrum who experiance hypersensitivity disorder. I am aiming to design clothing that is comfortable with no labels and internal seams, I am currently in the research stages. I would really appreicate professional input from those who work with poeple on the autistic spectrum. Please could answer the following questions.

What important features do you think should be included within sensory clothing? 

In your experiences what fabrics/textures work best for children on the autistic spectrum and what textures cause discomfort?

What shops do you believe to sell good sesnsory clothing?

Is there anything else you think should be considered within the designing or making of the garment?


Thank you very much


July 10, 2017 - 4:49pm

Hi Molly

Sorry for the late response.

I've posted details of your enquiry in our Sensory group, hopefully someone will be able to share their experiences with you:

We'll also highlight your enquiry on Twitter and let you know any responses we get.

You might be interested in this news article that we recently added about a woman who has designed autism-friendly schoolwear.

Many thanks,


July 12, 2017 - 11:36am

Hi Molly

We;ve had some feedback from a member of the Sensory Group, I've pasted it below. If you join the discussion I set up in the Sensory Group then you'll be able to follow any other responses too. It's a public group and you can join here.

I would suggest avoiding the use of zips and buttons.  Pull on clothing, elasticated waists, soft materials that are not scratchy are great.  No labels as you mention as well.  Many of these points mentioned also help with independence in getting dressed by themselves.  For girls bras can be a nightmare.  My daughter wears what we call booby tops instead.  They are like an all material bra with elastane that you step into and pull up with no hooks and eyes to deal with.  Hope this helps.