Sensory starry night sky ceiling mural.

Carl Marshall
Carl Marshall


For many months now it has been brought to my attention that the designing and creating of a starry Nightsky ceiling mural has many benefits for people young and old with Autism.Originally this came about for a child that has a love of the stars and to aid and easy the transition in going to bed.

However along the path of designing for a large hotel group experts claimed that there was more to this than i ever expected due to the fact that the stars appear to twinkle that in turn replicates a Natural looking night sky.

Many children with Autism have  had me design a ceiling for them with 100% wow reaction, but yet still many people have not heard or know about this amazing ceiling transformation with no change to the ceiling at all.

 As the benefits of these ceilings are helpful within the night time i have recieved amazing feedback from clients even non verbal children that have responded to my work and the plus side there is no smell from the paint i use.

I Would love to hear feedback on the plus points smiley