Supporting autistic people with suicidal feelings

Mental Health in Autism have produced tools to support autistic people experiencing mental health problems and suicidal feelings.

The have produced a safety plan for autistic people to help them in times of crisis. It offers a space to write down information such as warning signs of suicidal feelings, what they can do to distract themselves (e.g. hobbies and interests), people they can contact when they are in crisis and the ways they would like to be supported (e.g. what things calm them down, what do they find stressful).

They also have one for GPs and clinicians which provides information about autism and mental health problems, and issues that health professionals should be aware of such as masking, open-ended questions and shutdowns.

What resources do you use to support autistic people with mental health problems? We'd be really interested to find out what good practice exists in this area.

Many thanks,