Autistic Flappy Hour podcast

Autistic Flappy Hour is a podcast produced and hosted by three autistic adults – Cisco, Laurine and Nat. In this short interview we find out more about the podcast and why it was developed.

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Authors: Cisco, Laurine, Nat

Autistic Flappy Hour podcast

Autistic Flappy Hour is a podcast by, and for, autistic people. The hosts Cisco, Laurine and Nat have created a number of hour-long episodes which explore a range of topics including: 

• sensory issues 
• autistic spaces 
• passing as a neurotypical person
• autistic identity
• an interview with Steve Silberman. 

We asked the hosts a number of questions to find out more about the podcast.

What is Autistic Flappy Hour?

Autistic Flappy Hour is, as per our tagline, “a podcast with an autistic angle”. Our aim is to have autistic adults at the heart of our episodes. We want to share what we have to say about autism, and about our lives as autistic people. We hope that our content can be relatable to other autistic people, but also be a helpful resource for anyone who interacts with us!

Where did the idea come from?

I was thinking about the fact that, although there are many good blogs that are autistic-led, as well as informative YouTube channels, I hadn’t seen anything that took the form of a podcast. I asked around Twitter if anyone knew of anything. No one had ideas, but a couple of people were interested in making our own!

How did it develop/who was involved? 

Myself, Nat and Cisco started it out. Nat already had experience in making a (Doctor Who-related) podcast, but Cisco and I had never recorded one. We connected through Skype to discuss how we might want to do things, and just decided to go for it! We have also recorded episodes with other guests at Autscape, an annual autistic retreat. Finally, we have also had help from lovely volunteers in order to edit and transcribe episodes, as it is extremely time-consuming.

How do you plan the episodes – e.g. which topics to discuss?

The way we have done things is that one of us picks the main topic. We then create a document with some questions as prompts. Although we do record our episodes as a conversation, we all have different styles – for example, I like to pre-plan my answers quite a little bit as I find it difficult to think on my feet, whereas others are able to be more spontaneous.  

What has the response to the podcast been? 

The response to the podcast has been great! It has been really lovely to receive messages from fellow autistic people saying they could relate to what we were saying, as well as from family members or professionals saying the podcast helped them too. I was particularly proud when the National Autistic Society noticed us, as it is fantastic to know that staff from the charity listen to us.

Any future direction or ideas for the podcast? 

Due to time and various personal issues, we haven’t recorded as many episodes as we would hope! Our aim is therefore to record more episodes, with a greater pool of guests. We are always on the lookout for autistic guests, as well as volunteers who would like to help us edit or transcribe, so feel free to contact us if you want to help!

What have you all gained/learnt from producing the podcast?

I have certainly learnt a bit about editing, as I had never done it when I had to edit an interview I did with Steve Silberman last year. It has also given us the opportunity to work as part of an all autistic team, as this doesn’t happen much in daily life! 

Date added: 13 November 2017