Good autism practice in schools: an online resource

Middletown Centre for Autism, partners of Network Autism, have developed an online resource for education professionals offering a range of educational resources and ideas for good autism practice.

The resource gives an overview of some of the main differences that autistic pupils may have in areas such as social communication, sensory processing, anxiety and restricted behaviours. It also explores autistic students’ strengths and skills, and suggests that teachers can use pupils’ hobbies and interests to engage them in learning. 

The resource looks at a number of interventions options that may be used in schools:

  • Attention Autism
  • Anxiety Management
  • Sensory Processing
  • Positive Behavioural Strategies
  • Social Stories
  • Differentiating the Curriculum

It features a number of real-life case studies of the Centre’s work with autistic children and young people, on a range of issues such as:

  • anger management
  • anxiety
  • food
  • time management
  • personal care

The resource also includes a number of links and resources for further reading.

You can read the resource here.

Date added: 19 February 2018