Sensory diets: Feeling just right

This case study describes the "sensory diet" that has been developed to meet thes sensory needs of students at Helen Allison School.

The speech and language and occupational therapy teams at the NAS Helen Allison School in Kent are using a co-ordinated, multi-disciplinary approach to meet the often complex needs of children with autism in their care. 

This kind of innovation – ‘the sensory diet’ – has produced very encouraging results. Children are calmer, more focused and less distressed by the effect of the environment upon their daily lives. This approach has helped to remove "barriers to learning" and enables the students to engage and become more openly connected with their surroundings. Sensory intervention has had an impressive impact on improving the communication, interaction skills and motor skills of some of our most complex and ‘hard-to-reach’ children. Above all….they are happier!


Read the full case study here.


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Author: Corinna Laurie, Writ Trak & The National Autistic Society

Date added: 4th January 2012