Sensory processing: an online resource

Middletown Centre for Autism, partners of Network Autism, have produced an online sensory processing resource aimed at supporting autistic children and young people and the professionals working with them. 

The resource discusses what sensory processing is and how the brain processes sensory stimuli, before looking at examples of atypical responses to stimuli.

It then offers a range of strategies to support students with sensory sensitivities:

  • practical tips for the classroom
  • general sensory strategies for all
  • strategies according to sense
  • sensory audit for school and classrooms
  • setting up a sensory lounge

The resource also offers a range of strategies according to the sense, e.g. visual, auditory and tactile, before exploring some real-life case studies of the Centre’s work with children with sensory processing differences.

You can read the resource here.

Date added: 28 December 2017