Managing anxiety in the classroom research bulletin

Middletown Centre for Autism, partners of Network Autism, have produced accessible research summaries of topics of relevance to professionals working in the field of autism, in particular professionals working in education or with children and young people.

This issue reviews research into managing anxiety in the classroom. It contains summaries of eight articles from peer reviewed journals between 2003-2010, and gives implications for practice. It also has an interview with Ruth Fidler, assistant Head Teacher at Sutherland House School, a specialist school for children with autism aged 3-19yrs.

Download the Managing Anxiety in the Classroom Research Bulletin by clicking here.

Author: Middletown Centre for Autism

Date added: 20th February 2012


Mon, 17/04/2017 - 12:22

Hi Harriet

I've contacted Middletown Centre for Autism to check the publication date. I'll let you know when we hear back (probably not till next week due to Easter break).