Uta Frith podcasts: Autism Research

Professor Uta Frith, talks about autism research in these podcasts from the UCL Centre for the History of Medicine.

In the series "Today's Neuroscience, Tomorrow's History", Professor Frith talks about the classic Theory of Mind experiment, the "Sally Ann" task, about the detail-focused processing style seen in people with autism often known as "weak central coherence", about the autism spectrum versus a single disorder and about the influence of brain scanning research on our understanding of autism. 

"I have never ever lost my fascination for autism. Because every time I meet a new individual, a new child or adult, or I talk to parents, every time I'm thrown back that I know nothing. I know nothing about it. I have studied it for so long and I would like to find out more."  Uta Frith.

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Date added: 10th January 2012