Archive of Network Autism interviews

We have been carrying out filmed interviews at our conferences for over four years, in that time we have accumulated an ever growing collection of interviews with autistic people and leading autism professionals from around the globe. We have created this archive to bring all these fantastic interviews together. The topics are incredibly varied from gender to dentistry to OCD, architecture, anxiety, employment, education and even Shakespeare. 

See below for a full list off all interviews split into the different conferences from which they were filmed.

Professionals Conference 2019

Professionals Conference 2018

Professionals Conference 2017

Autism-Europe International Congress 2016

Professionals Conference 2016

Autism and design conference 2016

Mental health and autism conference 2015 

Professionals conference 2015

Communication and autism conference 2015

Women and Girls conference 2015

Additional interviews

Updated: 26 July 2019