Autism Professionals Conference 2020 - presentations

The National Autistic Society’s Autism Professionals Conference took place in February 2020. Below is a list of presentations featured in the programme, for delegates who attended and anyone else who may be interested. 

Autistic women’s friendships through life how the research supports lived experience - Felicity Sedgewick and Carly Jones

Children at risk of social exclusion building capacity in local schools or support services through a system of mentoring and support - Richard Mills

Commissioning for a good life -  Zandrea Stewart and Trevor Wright

Commissioning in austerity - Melissa McAuliffe

Continence - Lorraine MacAlister

Dog therapy – more than just fun and the feel-good factor - Kaye Crossley

Enabling autistic children to access their intense interests in school - Rebecca Wood

End of life care - Jill Ferguson

Ensuring autistic people influence practice - Vicky Slonims and Freya Elise

Harnessing the power of autism an award-winning alternative education provider - Timothy Ellis and Lauren Edmondson

Interoception and autism, what you need to know about it, and why - Geoff Bird and Jo Minchin

Knowing me, Knowing LGBTQ; Helping autistic people to develop their sexual identity - Gillian Loomes

Lightbulb moments and lessons what I’ve learned from autistic people - Brenda Smith Myles

Low arousal approaches in schools - Gareth Morewood

Making mental health support an autism friendly practice - Conor Davidson and Anne Cahill

Portrayals of autism in the media - Calvin Atkinson

Pregnancy and maternity - Rachel Townson

Reforming the curriculum - Jacqui Shepherd and Bea Freeborn

Stigma and stereotypes - Catriona Stewart

Stress and Anxiety - What is a Reasonable Adjustment - Freya Elise, Vicky Slonims, Emily Simonoff

Thinking about mental health in the context of challenging, distressed behaviour - Emily Simonoff

Using Responsive Communication to alleviate distress and combat isolation - Janet Gurney

When autism occurs with severe, profound and multiple learning disabilities - Dreenagh Lyle

Date added: 5 March 2020