Autistic participation: an interview with Jack Welch and Dr Joe Long

Jack Welch has been a Youth Patron of Ambitious about Autism since June 2015 and specialises in participation and youth voice, working across a range of local and national organisations to boost the profile of young people's voices. Dr Joe Long is Research Manager at Scottish Autism where he leads a programme of practice research in social care and education services.

Jack and Joe kindly agreed to be interviewed for Network Autism when they attended the National Autistic Society Professional Conference in 2018.

In this video Joe and Jack discuss how to promote the participation of non-verbal autistic individuals in the services that support them. They explore some of the barriers to participation and discuss how their organisations have promoted the participation of all people in the services that support them.


Jack and Joe also discussed some other work that they have been doing with Ambitious about Autism and Scottish Autism.

Date added: 27 April 2018