Autonomy and independence: an interview with Jamie+Lion

Jamie Knight and Lion are an autistic duo who live in Romford. Jamie is a Senior Research Engineer at the BBC and has been speaking about his autistic life for over 10 years at events, in articles and on podcasts. Lion is a 4 foot long plushie who goes everywhere with Jamie.

Jamie+Lion kindly agreed to be interviewed for us when they attended the National Autistic Society Professional Conference in 2019.

In this interview Jamie discusses why autonomy, independence and employment are key to his happiness. Jamie also explores the social model of disability, why he uses "spoons" to describe his units of energy and also how he has designed his environment to meet his needs.

Find out more from Jamie how he uses his social care budget to maximise his autonomy and indepedence.

Download a PDF transcript of this interview

Date added: 18 June 2019