Girls and autism: flying under the radar

NASEN have published a short guide about girls and autism for educational professionals. Girls and autism: flying under the radar includes advice on supporting autistic girls, and perspectives from parents and professionals.

The guide discusses some of the misconceptions that arise about autism and girls because they may not display stereotypical “autism” characteristics such as:

  • being sociable
  • having similar interests as her peers
  • no repetitive behaviours

It looks at a case study of an autistic girl whose behaviour may be masking more significant difficulties, and outlines some of the reasons why autistic girls and women are not being diagnosed, as well as the consequences of a missed or late diagnosis.

The emotional well-being of autistic girls is explored, with social skills and friendships being a key area for support. The guide outlines how autistic girls may socialise with mainstream peers.

Key advice for educational professionals is provided, such as:

  • advice on identifying girls’ difficulties with learning, socialising and emotions
  • useful strategies to support them
  • advice for senior leaders on building autism knowledge, and creating girl-oriented programs within schools

Author: Chris Hunter

Date added: 19 April 2016