Important update for Network Autism

The National Autistic Society has launched its new website. As well as reaching and helping more autistic people and families, we’re making sure that it will be even better for autism professionals. To support this, between now and the end of the year, we will be gradually integrating articles from Network Autism into our main site. Once completed we will be closing the Network Autism website. 

The new website will provide to an even wider range of content created by and for autism professionals. And, if you are a contributor, your articles will now reach a larger audience. We will also continue to add new content for professionals to the new site.

You’ll still have access to Network Autism and all the articles, but the following sections of the site are no longer be available:

  • news items
  • groups
  • discussions
  • sign in/registration
  • member access.  

If you are an EarlyBird or Teen Life Licensed User checking for any updates, please check the briefings folder (called ALL USERS PLEASE READ) on SharePoint. If you do not already have access to SharePoint, please email with your name, organisation and Licensed User number.

We’ll be contacting all Network Autism members and updating this page further to explain more about the changes in due course.  

If you’ve got any questions regarding any of the above – do contact the team

Updated: 25 August 2020