Interview with Dr Judith Gould

Dr Judith Gould is Director of the NAS Lorna Wing Centre for Autism. She is a Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist with nearly 40 years' experience, specialising in autism spectrum disorders and learning disabilities.

Before becoming Director of the Centre she worked as a member of the scientific staff of the Medical Research Council Social Psychiatry Unit and was a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, University of London. She has also worked as a clinical psychologist within both health and social services. She has published widely in the field of autism spectrum disorders and her research work with Lorna Wing led to the now-accepted concept of a spectrum of autistic conditions.

Dr Gould kindly agreed to be interviewed for Network Autism about her work in the field of autism. In the below video Dr Gould discusses many elements of her work including her first experiences of autism, diagnosis, the development of the diagnostic approach DISCO as well as the forthcoming DSM 5.

You can find out more about Lorna Wing Centre and the work that Dr Gould on the NAS website

Author: Dr Judith Gould

Date added: 16/10/2012


Fri, 27/06/2014 - 00:44

p>Very interesting interview, we as a family were lucky enough to have our Son diagnosed by Dr Judith Gould at what was then Elliot house . Having a Son with autism has inspired me into working at a school for children and young people with autism. I never tire from listening to Dr Gould speaking, she is such a knowledgable lady who we will always hold in highest esteem, she is the top,of her field.