Interview with Dr Wendy Keay-Bright: autism and good practice in design

Dr. Wendy Keay-Bright is an award winning designer with over two decades of experience in the area of interaction, animation and moving image design, including teaching, research and development, project management, knowledge transfer and public engagement. 

Her current project, Somability, has enabled adults with profound disabilities to develop new skills and confidence in dance, and their improvisational pieces have been performed in several prestigious arts venues.

Dr Keay-Bright kindly agreed to be interviewed for Network Autism when she attended the NAS Autism and Good Practice in Design Conference in October last year. We asked Wendy a series of questions: you can view the full interview or clips of the individual questions below.

Full interview

Individual question clips

1. Can you tell us a little about your work and background?

2. Can you tell us more about how your interest in autism began?

3. Can you explain what Somability is and how it can help young people with autism? 

4. Your work is about co-creation and inclusion, can you tell us why this is so important in terms of design?

5. What future developments in technology do you feel will be particularly valuable for autistic people?

Author: Dr Wendy Keay-Bright

Date added: 25 February 2016