Olga Bogdashina on communication in autism

In this article Dr Olga Bogdashina investigates language peculiarities and development in autism from the perspective of different sensory perceptual processes and cognitive styles. We can then see that people with autism do communicate, though sometimes their attempts to transmit information are unnoticed by non-autistic individuals. People with autism do not lack communicative intent but rather often use unconventional means of communication.

The sensory perceptual experience of the world of autistic children differs from that of non-autistic individuals, and their internal language (as a tool for formulating and expressing thoughts) consists of ‘sensory perceptual words’. This language becomes central to their intellectual, emotional and social development. It is important to identify each autistic individual’s non-verbal language – which can be visual, tactile, kinaesthetic etc. – in order to establish a shared means of verbal communication.

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Author: Olga Bogdashina

Date added: 19th March 2014