Preparing for Christmas: autism resources

The Christmas period, with lots of change, social interaction, expectations and demands to negotiate, can be a very exciting but often stressful time of the year for many autistic people. We have put together a brief list of useful resources that we hope may prove helpful in making this festive period as special and as stress free as possible for those you work with. 

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Preparing for Christmas: autism resources

Author: Network Autism

This year, following the success of the  National Autistic Society Autism Hour campaign, many shops and venues are holding quiet Christmas events. Check with local shops and venues to see if they are organising one near you.

Below are a variety of resources that give guidance, advice and ideas for the festive season:

An autism advent calendar for schools - Network Autism

This article is written for teachers and gives a day by day guide to preparing and planning for Christmas in School.

Preparing for Christmas - The National Autistic Society

Our website features a range of advice on preparing for Christmas, including some real-life stories and tips from autistic people and their families.

Planning for an autism friendly Christmas - Network Autism

Autism education specialist, Sue Goldman gives her top tips for planning for an autism friendly Christmas.

Autism and Christmas – Teachers are you ready? - Lynn McCann

In this blog Lynn McCann offers some advice to teachers on how to support their autistic pupils in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

3 tips for an autism-friendly ChristmasJamie Knight

Jamie, an autistic adult, explains how he prepares for Christmas, including the need for quiet spaces and sensory considerations.

An autistic person's experience of ChristmasThe Guardian

News story about a Guardian blog by an autistic adult, describing the challenges of Christmas and how she copes with this time of year.

Gift ideas - The National Autistic Society

Here you will find various gift ideas for Christmas

Christmas, a seasonal challenge - Gina Davis

In this blog, Gina discusses the Christmas period, shopping, presents and Christmas dinner

Supporting people over the holidays - The National Autistic Society Scotland

Callum McCrosson from the Richmond Fellowship Scotland, has written some tips for supporting autistic people during the festive season.

Coping with anxiety at Christmas if you are on the autism spectrum - Emma Louise Bridge

In this blog, author Emma Louise Bridge, offers advice on how best to cope with anxiety at Christmas.

4 Ways Christmas Affects Me and My Autism - Kit Dwyer

In this blog, Kit Dwyer, explains how the Christmas season affects her and how people can help.

Date added: 30 November 2017

Date reviewed: 11 December 2019