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We are very pleased to announce that we will be hosting another series of 4 webchats with leading autism experts from around the world thanks to the generous support of our sponsors Axcis Education. In our first, FREE one hour webchat on Thursday 29th October, we were absolutely delighted to welcome the world renowned autistic author, musician and autism consultant Donna Williams.

Donna has written 10 books, beginning with a series of 'autie-biographical' books, the first of which, published in 1991 was Nobody Nowhere. This was the first book by an autistic person to be published in mainstream publishing and the first to become an international bestseller.  It spent 15 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List. You can find out more about Donna on her website 

Donna provided a fantastic insight into autism, and you can read the full transcript of the webchat below.

Live Blog Webchat with Donna Williams: 29 October 2015



Wed, 18/05/2016 - 21:17

Hello my name is Barry Archer and I was diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum and ADHD on November 24th 2014. I am now 39 years old and since a baby I have had Astounding Memory Skills and pitch perfect a long with many many extraordinary abilities people do not yet understand.

Due to a deprived and neglected childhood surrounded by peers in my 38 obstacle course of trauma, I developed a coping and adaptation methods to survive in a cold and igronant left brain thinking world.

I used sales and telemarketing jobs to help me learn how to communicate and as I had a passion for music I taught my self to fluently play instruments by ear and grew developing a highly respected title as a music producing genius with natural ear for sound engineering and mixing mastering sound and vocals achieve a industry professional quality and recognition.

I have received no educational support I just knew.

Not aware autism had me I was held back in life unable to achieve normal things so being under pressure when music became business I ran lost taking a three year brake to be diagnosed Autistic.

Since diagnosis no one in Trafford MANCHESTER NHS had any knowledge of my rare condition as I can fully communicate looking you in the eyes. They know nothing about savant as I was told they are only just understanding children on the spectrum and was told to be patient until they finished passing me from pillow to post and once I am accepted my GP truly believed I would help the world by explaining autism mystery.

A year n half I've been waiting and nothing has happened yet not even support needs and my life has become the pits over the years yet more now.

I found an article where you stated is right autism savants do not use all skills but I do only by being forced to challenge autism issues alone for 39 years.

My story is as rare as I and with no educational support its impossible to have the knowledge I have tormenting my mind. I just know naturally things I could never know and my savant extraordinary abilities are as follows.

Music Numerology Science Theology Art Creativity Spiritual maturity Extraordinary memory Architecture Telekinesis Healing illness by touch what witnesses label as miracles And much much more

I need help I am a alien so alone in your neurotypical ran plant I need a professional witness to help me understand my gifts full as I am humble and blind to them innocently

I need help with building a portfolio of me special abilities for a career in fixing autism which I achieve daily with witnesses voluntary.


I'm dying out here.

Darold Treffert understands me, so does Tony Attwood Even temple grandin has emailed me but I am trapped in Manchester UK I need help by a professional psychology team in phenomenal as said by professor Robyn young.


Professors treffort and Attwood advised Simon Baron Cohen and a Savant intervention team for diagnosis but I've had no luck as my communication skills are still developing or the pass me on

Kind regards

Barry mega savant archer.